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Why the hell is Madonna on the NEWS for falling off her horse? Who really gives a flying fuck... doesn't make any sense...

JONATHON: You never got back to me... did you end up getting back your artbook?????

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I'm sitting in the new public library in downtown Seattle. A man sitting next to me, looks like he is dressed in his best, and he is reading various magazines for who knows what reason. Maybe to catch up on the gossip world, but I highly doubt it. He's asked me a few questions already, maybe to start a conversation. I feel like since I'm typing this now he probably thinks I don't want to talk to him anymore, but that's not really the case. He asks me what I'm studying, and then asks the inevitable question. I say that I'm not quite sure and he reassures me that "it'll come to me". His simple response is somewhat calming, but then he freaks me out a little and asks what board games I like, or if I'm good at cards. He then tells me that he'd take me to Vegas so that we can both get rich. I tell him about my plans after graduation and he gives me the advice that I should do something that I wouldn't mind doing for free. I love this library. The architecture is incredible. If you haven't been down here, seriously check it out. The atmosphere is wonderful... I don't think I'll be able to be productive here... I'm facing the door and so many people are walking in and out and around.

An older gentleman across from me has his reading glasses on and a bunch of papers in front of him, but he's snoring like a baby.

I have a few more minutes before the day begins...

2 evenings ago I drove as fast as I could from Mercer Island to Gasworks. As I crossed the I-90 bridge I could see the sun setting and I cursed as people drove only the speed limit. When I got to the parking lot it was packed with cars, but I grabbed my book and ran up the hill. I had missed it, probably only by a few minutes, but I found a perfect spot and sat. It was a panoramic view of Seattle's skyline and there were bright, magnificent colors of pink and purple to my right as the sun disappeared. There were couples spotted along the hillside. There were 4 individuals sitting somewhat close to me. Their voices sounded like when you're at your campsite around the fire and you can make out other conversations from other campsites. Distant, but still evident. I don't understand the point of going to watch a sunset, to see something so innocent and beautiful, but somehow miss "it" because they were involved in a pitiful/pathetic conversation. It's pointless. They made an effort I'll give them that, but they wasted their time. Did they even notice the wind blowing the sailboats peacefully across the water? It was truly beautiful. I tried to ignore them and tried even harder to engulf myself in my book. I probably only read maybe 5 pages because it began to get dark and I could not keep my eyes down and away from what was out ahead of me. It was nice getting away from everything and making that time for myself to collect thoughts. It was somewhat depressing walking down the hill. I turned my cell phone back on and got in my car, and drove home.

And with that finally being written, it's time to head to class.
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It's not fair how people just buy tickets and then put them up right away on ebay. It's just not fair and I hate assholes who do that because then those who really want to see a band and who don't get GA have to fucking pay ridiculous fucking prices to see a band that they like while those assholes make some cash. I mean, I know it's smart, but fuck them. And fuck the balcony. GOSH DAMMIT THIS SUCKS.

Okay, sorry.

I suppose an update is long due

Taken from Fitness Mag. Issue Jan '05

Who do you want to be? Think about it. What qualities do you most value? What would you most like to do? This is not about who your parents desire you to be. It's about your deepest wishes. Are you really working toward them? Because only when you act with true intention can you achieve the life you dream of.

This metamorphosis will increase your spirit, energy, self-confidence, & self-assurance. These are the qualities that ensure a more fulfilling life.

This is what I've been up to.. both of those.
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